WSUS – HowTo Install


Install .NET2.0 Framework:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name NET-Framework-Core

Install Report Viewer 2008 SP1:

…do Windows-Upate and Restart…

Additional Harddrive:

About 100GB for most updates…


  • Open Powershell:
    Install-WindowsFeature UpdateServices -IncludeManagementTools
    New-Item -Path D:\ -Name WSUSData -ItemType Directory
    “C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\wsusutil.exe postinstall content_dir=D:\WSUSData”


Configure WSUS to use SSL:

…Web Server certificate needed…

Enforce SSL on Virtual directories:

The next step is to enforce SSL encryption on the following virtual roots:

  • SimpleAuthWebService
  • DSSAuthWebService
  • ServerSyncWebService
  • ApiRemoting30
  • ClientWebService 

-> Restart IIS


Start Console:

..Console should now connect correctly..